Welcome to OpenSUTD!

“Ultimately, you can make it (SUTD) about the reason you came here in the first place. I mean that’s really all you can do, right? You just have to say to yourselves: I came here for this, and I’m gonna make it this thing, and no matter how many obstacles they put in my way, I’m just gonna keep trying to make it this thing.” ~ Tara

The OpenSUTD movement was formed with the desire to build a community in SUTD where anyone can contribute in a decentralized manner. It's an organic movement to embrace open sharing and collaboration modelled after the idea of an Open Organisation.

This journey started in 2018! Read about our Origin Story.

To ensure that everyone can participate, we minimise barriers to entry to working with us. When we say transparency, we mean it.

OpenSUTD is not a fifth row where there is the notion of a member vs non-member. The only thing we recognise is contributions, and anyone can contribute. Contribution is not limited to code.


You can click on each "commit" to check out the links! OpenSUTD can be broadly categorised into just 3 main activities. We develop and maintain resources, work on projects and hold events.


To prevent 7-way scheduling clashes and plan your week better!


Hum Qing Ze


An ESD student sleeping ASD hours, he's inspired by how open communities organise themselves. People tend to be stronger together only if the values are aligned and thus this is really all he does here and there.

Timothy Liu Kaihui


Timothy is over-excited about things like open source, machine learning, and good food. He is a strong believer in the power of open communities and hopes to develop sustainable community initiatives in SUTD.

Lee Gui An

Policy Writing, Wrangler

Gui An is dedicated to getting things done, and done correctly. He believes strongly in public accountability and pushing for what matters. Also food. Always food.

Alexander Fonseca


Loves presentations. Loves alcohol. Definitely presentations + alcohol. (Also guards houses.)

Brandon Ong


Robotics specialist who believes that the first step to creating a better world is to keep information open and free. He aims to help students help themselves by releasing many comprehensive open source resources, alongside his many other projects.

Tong Hui Kang


Hui Kang participates in coding challenges and data competitions. He is trying to make time to draw electoral boundaries.

Chester Koh


Yes he made an SUTD Minecraft server! Currently working on infosys+, cloud dev and memes.

Caleb Foo


In the midst of cooking up something for IAP 2020. Also, 3DC is now a Google Developer Club!

James R T

Web Developer

James developed most of this landing page's foundation. He is currently spearheading quite a few side projects. He would be your friend if you offer him some free food, snacks, good jokes, comfort, a listening ear or an air mattress.

Filbert Cia


Filbert is keen on the ideation of technology implementations to solve everyday issues, and is currently working on SUTD's What the Hack and several other projects. A supper enthusiast, hit him up to talk about random ideas over the most important meal of the day.

Soh Jun De

Big on mems | Long face | Black.

Jun De is your run-of-the-mill coder that enjoys making conversations with those in the community. His recent contributions includes those to this website, as well as to the upcoming WTHack hackathon held in SUTD in 2020.

Wei Min Cher


Wei Min is the current maintainer of the course-notes repository. He strongly believes in the idea of open-source, and creates notes and web pages as a hobby.

Dody Senputra


Interested in product dev and robots, that's why he's in SOAR. Always open to collaborate if you want to create.

Yustynn Panicker

evenMoreDimension + course-notes

Yustynn is a passionate and capable contributor. He is very driven and he has a lot of side projects. He created evenMoreDimension so as to make our eDimension browsing easier.

Shun Git Kwok


Shun Git developed SUTD Timetable. He also made a bunch of cool stuff for his coursework modules, including ju_bit (a homage to jubeat) and Hyperbands (for the Singapore Night Festival 2018).

Joel Huang

WTHack!?! + opensutd

Joel was the one who started this movement. He contributed his academic course materials and notes on GitHub.