3DC IAP Conference


The official website for the 3DC IAP Conference can be found here.


3DC IAP Conference is a collation of related IAP activities to the SUTD community.

It happened between 06 January - 23 January 2019.


All IAPS are currently conducted individually by separate parties, which are usually a series of talks / activities / workshops that encourage students to pursue their interests.


  • The IAPs may come in odd fashion with beginner events amongst the tougher events.
  • Timings may clash which disallows students from successively attending multiple IAPs.
  • IAP materials are sometimes not shared to the participants.


This IAP conference brings together IAP activities with the aim to widen the learning horizon and deepen the subject knowledge of the SUTD community by complementing the experiential learning component of a student’s experience.

The conference allows for the participation in meaningful exchange of ideas through diversified experiences and engagement in advanced technologies.

It is also hoped that the centralized planning of IAP activities will lead to greater participation numbers in subsequent batches of SUTD students.

Open Source Collaboration

Organizers are invited to submit IAP proposals on the 3DC IAP Conference GitHub repository as issues. Potential organizers would be able to view the proposed activities, and adjust the contents of their activities accordingly.

3DC would handle majority of the administrative workload, which includes the submission of the IAP proposals to OSL as well as the scheduling of the IAP activities.

In collaboration with OpenSUTD, the open organization owned by the SUTD community, organizers are encouraged to share their activities' resources by uploading them in OpenSUTD's GitHub organization, so that the entire SUTD community can benefit from them.