This repository contains the material for the Deep Learning Workshop conducted in the IAP 2019. The slides are also available at on Google Drive.

If you do not already have a workstation set up for Deep Learning, you may want to run the notebooks in Google Colab.

If you have a workstation or cloud instance set up for Deep Learning, our recommended way to run the notebooks is to run it in a Docker container nvaitc/ai-lab (learn more). For now, we will also assume that you are using Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04, and have an NVIDIA GPU card in your workstation/instance. The instructions are below.

GitHub issues

Using the Notebooks

A. Google Colab

1. Open Notebook in Colab

B. Workstation / Cloud Instance

1. Setting up CUDA, NVIDIA drivers, and Docker

sudo su root
curl | bash
# your computer will reboot
# after your computer reboots, add yourself to the docker group
# if you don't want to run docker with sudo
# you may need to log in and out again for this to take effect
sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

2. Pulling the nvaitc/ai-lab Docker image

docker pull nvaitc/ai-lab:latest

3. Download the code labs

git clone
# take note of where you cloned the files to!
# we will assume it's at /home/$USER/deeplearning-workshop-2019

Alternatively, you may download this repository as a zip file from the GitHub web interface.

4. Start the container and mount the folder

Please change the path /home/$USER/deeplearning-workshop-2019 to where-ever you downloaded the files to in Step 3.

nvidia-docker run --rm -p 8888:8888 -v /home/$USER/deeplearning-workshop-2019:/home/jovyan/ nvaitc/ai-lab

This will output a chunk of output in the Terminal. Take note of the last few lines.

Open your web browser and point to localhost:8888. You will be asked to enter a token. This can be found in the last few lines of the Terminal output.

Workshop Authors