02.137DH Introduction to Digital Humanities

No. of Credits: 12 Subject Credits
Pre-requisites: None
Requirement for: Minor in Digital Humanities

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the principles and methods of digital humanities, an emerging interdisciplinary field that seeks to apply digital and computational methods to investigations in the humanities.

The course will focus on how computational methods and tools can contribute to the interpretive activities that typically constitute humanistic inquiry, especially to the reading of textual matter as literature.

Students will be acquainted with the history of the emergence of the digital humanities and will learn about the leading methodological and epistemological issues in this emerging field. They will also learn about a few classic case studies in the field.

They will also learn about the capabilities as well as limitations of computational tools for interpretation, and carry out a hands-on collaborative project as part of coursework using some of the methods that they will learn about.

Course Notes

This set of course notes was graciously shared by Wei Min Cher , updated as of 05 October 2019.

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